Monday, 9 February 2009

Text rendering

I was looking for a good library for text rendering. Something that would support truetype faces, antialiasing and kerning and be relatively easy to use. I noticed freetype in the credits to Braid (which I really need to play when the PC version appears - the demo is awesome). So after a bit of research, I found it had everything I was looking for and decided to implement it in my renderer.

Most of the time I spent in implementing this was actually writing the parts of the renderer I needed. I used the approach of using freetype to render a string to a texture and then rendering a quad with this texture. However, I feel uneasy about this as it makes the assumption that the strings I'm rendering don't change much (how fast is freetype at rendering?) and that it will probably take up more texture memory than storing individual glyphs as textures. This is something I'd like to investigate more but at the moment don't have the time. Anyway here's something to look at:

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